A graduate of interior design at the WSH in Wrocław. Scholarship at Instituto Politechnico de Castelo Branco in Portugal. A student of Arno Stern from la Colosieu in Paris, with a license to run a studio according to his criteria. LA Paint and the series of reliefs "LA Composition" is a study of the artist's emotions. The works are called "spatial impressionism". These images intrigue and engage the viewer - they invite you to view the work from different angles, and the texture draws you in and asks you to touch or examine it more closely. The whole thing forces you to stop. It encourages a deeper analysis, and as a result, it can evoke emotions in the recipient's heart. “We are naturally different. I am the contrast myself. In my art, I am united. Adversity brings me together and tears me apart. LA Composition is a combination of a delicate material with sharp wood. It creates an impressionally soft texture - and in fact it is its opposite. " LA Farba's bas-reliefs create spatial forms that give the illusion of movement, and the multifacetedness makes the work look unique from every side. mutual relations Naturally, the interplay of wood, the contrast of shadows and light, creates inspirations and impressions essential to a work of art.
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