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Three unusual ideas for interior lighting

1. Projection of the setting sun

The Internet is crazy about this lamp. It is a very simple projector that projects an imitation of the setting sun on the wall. The light it creates is extremely soothing. The lockdown time certainly contributed to the success of this unique lamp. In this very difficult reality for us, the possibility of having our own sunset on the wall seems extremely tempting.



This idea is an obvious reference to Olafur Eliasson’s installation “The Weather Project”, shown at the Tate Modern in 2003.

“The Weather Project”

The Sunset Projection lamp is available in many online stores, and its prices range from PLN 50, even up to PLN 3,000 – depending on the manufacturer.

2. Steven Haulenbeek’s cactus lamp

Staying in the world of nature, we present you a beautiful lamp – a cactus sculpture, designed by an American artist and designer. Steven Haulenbeek lives and works in Chicago. His work varies greatly in terms of the materials he uses and the scale. Steven was famous for the furniture he sculpts in a block of sand and then fixed with resin. The cactus lamp was also made of sand and resin.


“RBS Cactus Lamp

“I created the RBS Cactus lamps in a similar way to furniture: carving a solid block of sand and fixing it permanently with resin. In addition, it contains a glass element that has been mouth-blown into a hand-carved mold.”

3. Neon signs, animals and a coffee table

This unique combination was developed by the young American graphic artist and designer Vincent Conti. This is a unique item located at WeWork 501 Boylston St in Boston. The glass cube with neon animal and plant designs inside is a recreation of one of the dioramas at the old Boston Natural History Society that used to be in this space.



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