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A bedroom inspired by nature


Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home. And although it is not exposed as much as the other rooms, how you arrange it is of great importance. Incorporating nature into your bedroom design will ensure you have relaxing nights, and thus also happy days.










Sculpture “Voice of Nature”


By Martha Mulawa – a Krakow artist who is in love with the Tatra Mountains. Martha is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and a laureate of many decorative competitions. In his works, he uses natural materials, such as old trees and prepared moss. He enlivens his sculptures with light and music, creating unique artistic projects.

“I create when something moves me, usually these are emotions caused by the beauty and power of man and nature. When emotions turn into sculptures or pictures, I can’t carry them inside me for a long time. They are like a flame that I have to release.” – Martha Mulawa


Solid wood bed

Comfortable and solid. Equipped with a huge headrest made of wood, upholstered on the inside. Designed by the duo of Turkish Autoban designers with the brand D e la espada .








Grass carpet

A linen rug resembling fresh grass will be a relief for your feet. The Kasthall Fogg model is available in a variety of colors.









Unique wallpaper

A timeless pattern with a floral motif from the British brand Zoffany . Perfect for the wall of your dream bedroom.





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