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Sculpture for the garden

You already have colorful flower beds, beautifully growing shrubs and a well-kept lawn. And it looks great! The question is, is there anything more that can be done? Let’s challenge it like this: how to make your evening guests unable to get over their delight? That your garden seems special to them.
The answer to this question was known to all aristocrats of the world since ancient times. The uniqueness of the garden – apart from the design of the whole – is determined by real art, garden sculpture. It is she who will give your garden an individual character and will make everyone who finds themselves in it feel special.


ToTuart Gallery has the ambition to become the most important supplier of high-quality garden sculptures in Poland. Thanks to events such as our “Laboratory of Sculpture” – the only such large exhibition of modern sculpture in Poland – three-dimensional art is gaining more and more admirers. During the last edition of the “Laboratory of Sculpture”, which took place at the turn of July and August 2020, over 150 works by Polish artists were presented, such as: Adam Bakalarz, Bartosz Banasik, Zbigniew Blajerski, Mikołaj Ciszewski, Mariusz Dydo, Dominika Donde, Marika Nowak, Kinga Nowak, MEDRALA, Martha Mulawa, Jan Musiałowski, Krzysztof Renes, Marek Sułek, Artur Szołdra, Anna Wysocka, VOZNY and Oskar Zięta.


Martha Mulawa ‘s sculpture “Dignified”


Martha Mulawa ‘s sculpture “Voice of Nature”


Sculpture of Martha Mulawa entitled “Energy – Balance”


Martha Mulawa ‘s sculpture “Oracle”




Martha Mulawa

A Krakow artist, she grew up from Puławy roots, in love with the Tatra Mountains. Creator of sculptures and batik – works of art brought to life with light – bringing life to modern interiors and colorizing outdoor spaces. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at the Faculty of Industrial Design. A scholarship holder at Wysoka Umeleckoprumyslowa in Prague and I’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. Usually she is inspired by nature, which can be seen in most of the sculptures, paintings and design projects. Laureate of many design competitions. In art projects, he combines sculpture or painting with music, light, mapping and dance. Martha Mulawa’s works are also widely appreciated and used in applied arts.









Sculptures by Adam Bakalarz




Adam Bakalarz

One of the most interesting and most promising artists of the young generation, he shows his versatility by simultaneously dealing with painting, printmaking and sculpture. A graduate of Graphics at the Faculty of Art of the UP in Krakow. The main motif in his work are human figures, transformed and technically synthesized. It combines organic shapes with architectural and sculptural forms, adding an emotional charge and intimate closeness to the activities performed. He often shows his figures in a strong relationship with fauna and flora, and the feeling of their bond is enhanced by placing them on a flat, one-color surface with a slightly outlined cubic of a small interior. His works are in many Polish and foreign collections.




Adam Bakalarz ‘s sculpture “RPZK80”


Adam Bakalarz ‘s sculpture “RTZT230”


Adam Bakalarz ‘s sculpture “K.155”

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