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A real art for a child’s room

Raising children in the environment of art is a great way to develop their creativity and sensitize them to beauty. Show your child a unique way of seeing the world by introducing works of real artists into his room.



Józef Wilkoń is one of the most outstanding Polish artists dealing with the illustration of children’s books, painting and sculpture. In his work, the most frequent theme is the world of nature and animals. His illustrations do not idealize nature, they have an original character and are distinguished by unusual painterly nature.



“Cat with green eyes” watercolor, dimensions with frame: 37 x 47 cm


“Cat lying red” watercolor, dimensions with frame: 37 x 47 cm

“I painted in ink and watercolor, with gesture. My ambition was to capture the movement and character of the animal with one stroke of a large brush.” – Józef Wilkoń


“Winged horse” watercolor, dimensions with frame: 49.5 x 41 cm


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