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Pictures by Tomasz Sętowski in the interior – inspirations

If you are wondering how to make your home have a soul, reach for real art. Pictures by Tomasz Sętowski will bring a magical atmosphere to your interior, which will give you energy every day. The fantastic world of Tomasz Sętowski’s painting draws you in and inspires you.


Master’s Museum

The picture was painted in oil on canvas.

The Master’s Museum – decorating inspirations

This colorful and complex performance will fit very well in an eclectic interior. The velvet sofa and armchairs in bold colors are the perfect introduction to the world of imagination, captured by the artist on a large-format canvas. The work with the frame has dimensions of 169 cm x 134 cm.


The accumulation of details in the picture catches the eye. The white walls and subdued colors of the other accessories wonderfully expose the complexity and multi-color of the painting. The painting by Tomasz Sętowski in this interior is an element that binds together a classic space with modern furniture.


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