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What goes with a velvet sofa?

Undoubtedly, it plays the first fiddle in every living room. The velvet sofa is beautiful, soft to the touch and elegant at the same time. In whatever interior it is, it will add sophistication and style to it. Velvet combines wonderfully with brass, gold and marble. We can introduce these materials in the form of a table from an Italian designer or … in the form of a sculpture.

Classic and elegant interior

This noble material is becoming more and more popular. Nothing unusual. Its elegant coziness and visual softness make every interior take on style in its company.

If you want to create an impression of elegance and luxury in your living room. an ideal addition to a velvet sofa will be a beautiful sculpture by Jan Musiałowski entitled “The Shape of Tenderness”. It is made of marble and will fit perfectly in any color palette. Its soft convexities and concavities will make it attract the attention of everyone who comes in her company. With such a sofa and a sculpture, expressive wallpaper will match perfectly. It will emphasize the elegant character of the interior, and at the same time give it coziness. Wallpapers of the British brand Zoffany are a very interesting proposition. The palace motif, called Montacute, is available in two color versions – gray-blue and gray-gold.


Get inspired



Shape of Tenderness

It is 59 cm high and 22 cm wide. It is made of marble.

Its author, Jan Musiałowski, was born in 1992 in Warsaw. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Graphics in Warsaw. He is a scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and a laureate of the Golden Index.



Oval Coffee Table

Classic marble in a wooden frame by Carlo Colombo – an Italian architect, born in 1953, who graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Currently, as a representative of the Italian design school Colombo, he lectures at universities around the world. The table is available at Mesmetric.





Zoffany wallpaper

This motif comes from the façade of the Elizabethan mansion of Montecute. It shows rows of classic statues placed in arcaded niches.



Stylish and modern interior

If you dream of a modern interior for your velvet sofa, your motto when choosing details should be “less is more”. In a modern interior, simplicity, space and functionality are the most important. Sounds boring? It is enough to take a look at the arrangement below to see that this is not the case. The principle of “less is more” applies to the number of items. Such an interior should consist of few elements, but each should be bold, designer and tasteful.



The green-gold velvet sofa wonderfully enhances the bold color of the wall, on which the huge, realistic canvas hangs. The floor, however, does not give way at all and also makes a remarkable impression. For that, only light. Hmm … as you can see, there is no boredom here either. The sophistication and courage of the designer are admirable. In this interior, everything is total, and at the same time nothing is overwhelming.


Inspired by the interior



Brass table

Italian brand Baxter. Model: Loren. Made of antiqued and polished brass. The authors of the project are Draga & Aurel, a duo of Italian designers who entered the market in 2007, setting up their multidisciplinary design studio in the city of Como, Italy. The table is available at Mesmetric.






Lee Broom brands. Model: aurora xl. It has a diameter of 108.5 cm and a height of 48 cm. Made of polished chrome, steel and glass. Gives the effect of a glowing aura. It is composed of hand-made light bulbs containing a perpendicular LED filament.




Linocut by Aleksandra Prusinowska

Under the title “Meadow” . Aleksandra Prusinowska is a young artist from the Tri-City. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, with a diploma in the painting studio of prof. Maciej Świeszewski with a linocut annex in the studio of prof. Czesław Tumielewicz. Currently, at the Faculty of Graphics, she is an assistant in the linocut studio of prof. Janusz Akermann. In his works, he likes to use pop culture models, referring to films, commercials, press photos; as well as comics, with their proper framing.



CC-tapis carpet

Handcrafted by specialized Tibetan artists, in accordance with tradition and care for material and ecology.


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