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Tomasz Sętowski: Imaginarium, preview of the exhibition

An exhibition of the leading representative of magical realism in Totuart.



It is hard to believe, but it is already the 60th birthday of Tomasz Sętowski, an artist from Częstochowa, a leading representative of magical realism in Poland. In connection with this jubilee, a large retrospective exhibition of Sętowski’s works, spanning 40 years of artistic creativity, is planned at the ToTuart gallery. These will be not only oil paintings for which Sętowski is known, but also less known works, murals, watercolors and sculptures.


Tomasz Sętowski in his studio in Częstochowa


The exhibition in the Warsaw connoisseur will be a real gradka for lovers of this type of fantastic painting, because there has not been a serious review of this artist’s works for a long time. The exhibition will be accompanied by a book publishing house. An extensive album with the works of Tomasz Sętowski has been prepared by the publishing house … It is 300 pages and 250 reproductions, a powerful book that – hand-signed by the artist – will be available to the viewers of the Eyeopener.




Paintings, inkographs and sculptures, everything can be bought, ask about the price via the form on the right – Eyeopener’s viewers have a special discount.


Exultation, Tomasz Sętowski


See how the value of Sętowski’s works increases on the art market.


The discovery, Tomasz Sętowski


The Rhythm of the Image, Tomasz Sętowski


Lunar Tale, Tomasz Sętowski


Trailer, Tomasz Sętowski


Dark Rider, Tomasz Sętowski


In addition to Olbiński, Beksiński and Siudmak, Sętowski is one of the leading Polish magic realists, the painting trend started in the 1930s and having its source in the surrealism of such artists as Dali or Ernst, and metaphysical painting with artists such as Giorgio de Chirico.


Although, in our opinion, Sętowski’s work would belong to the so-called fantastic painting (fantasy art), and the geometric and mathematical works of Ma Escher or Hans Rudolf Giger, of whom Sętowski is a great lover, and who created dramatic creations for the Alien series by Ridley Scott, come to mind. In a private conversation with us, Sętowski tells that he met Giger in his castle, Chateau St. Germain in Switzerland.



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