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Kasi Kalua Kryńska: Blue Moon Garden







In the Eyeopener Artistic, works by Katarzyna Kryńska and an invitation to her exhibition at ToTuart at Koneser in Praga.

It is worth taking a look and seeing these works live because they are made in a rare photographic technique called cyanotype.







As the Artist herself says:

“Blue Moon Garden has become a land where imagination, longing and experience meet. I traveled there every day, creating collages full of allegories from negatives and prints of plants I found. The choice of cyanotype was not accidental. In this technique, a unique monochrome image in the color of Prussian blue is created directly on the paper manually coated with a photosensitive substance.

Originally, the works were created in my studio under a special lamp, and as soon as the restrictions were alleviated, I started exposing them directly to the sun. It is what gives the works a depth of color.


The days of isolation changed my perception. Every leaf, blade of grass, new bud screamed – look how beautiful I am, how important and how special! ”







The exhibition is presented at the ToTuart Gallery until June 30, from Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 20.00.


We invite!







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