We solemnly end the jubilee year:

60 years of birth and 40 years of artistic work



Three exhibition halls with 60 works by an outstanding surrealist and representative of magic realism. On Saturday, November 20, in the Main Town Hall, there was a vernissage of the exhibition “Imaginarium” by Tomasz Sętowski, prepared to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the artist’s birth and the 40th anniversary of his creative work. The presented paintings and sculptures created in various techniques can be viewed until January 30, 2022. And it is worth doing it, because with Sętowski nothing is as it seems at first glance – realism is mixed with magic, often in equal proportions.

Magic realism (Spanish realismo mágico) is an aesthetic tendency, initially formed in Germany in the 1920s. Twentieth century in fine arts, re-adapted to literary ground. The main factor distinguishing this trend was the use of imagination, using what is strange, unusual and surprising, referring to legends and myths as well as local traditions.

Tomasz Sętowski has been faithful to this trend for many years. In his works, what is real, material, what we know and are able to recognize perfectly, is shown in an unreal way. Realism mixes with magic in equal proportions, and behind this metaphorical image there is often a deeper message. Allegory is chasing allegory.

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