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Description / remarks

Inkography made with the consent and under the direct supervision of the artist. With edition number and author’s signature. Thanks to the uniqueness of the series, inkography has its own unique character.

Source work: EDWARD DWURNIK “Gdańsk”, 2017 oil on canvas

Work available in formats:

30 cm x 40 cm

42 cm x 59 cm

Inkography is a professional printout of the artist’s digitized work made with his consent and under his direct supervision. The number of works is always strictly limited, which is confirmed by the author himself in the left corner of the work with the edition number. The authenticity of the work is always confirmed by the artist’s handwritten signature.
The Totuart gallery attaches a certificate of authenticity to each inkography. Thanks to this guarantee, in addition to artistic and aesthetic value, inkography is also an investment object subject to standard circulation for works of art (sale in a gallery or in an auction house).
The ToTuart Gallery sells its artists’ cartography, with or without binding, depending on the wishes of the customers. This is a really great idea – also affordable – for decorative or gift art.

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