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Which butter dish to choose?

1. Intelligent, from PRACTIC

Thanks to this butter dish, we will never be faced with the dilemma of “Fresh but hard, or soft, but not fresh?”. In this butter dish, the butter is stored in water, and deprived of oxygen, it stays fresh for two weeks, outside the refrigerator! Only the water needs to be changed from time to time. Price: 65.99



2. Bird-shaped, from EVIE

Yellow and round. As if she had been carved out of butter. And yet made of dolomite porcelain. Available at . Price: PLN 79.



3. In the shape of a Texas Longhorn cow, by Vagabond House

Tin lid and stoneware base. As the producer writes, it is the perfect gift for Texas fans and shepherds around the world. Available on , price: $ 165.

4. Boombox, from GAMAGO

In addition, red! It will liven up any table and refrigerator. The boombox is made of hand glazed ceramics and is dishwasher safe. Price: $ 18.

5. Bloated Buddha

Available on Amazon for less than 20 euros




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