Prusinowska Aleksandra

Aleksandra Prusinowska is Polish painter and graphic artist. She was born 1986 in Gdynia (Poland). She graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Art of the Academy of Fine Art in Gdansk. She obtained the diploma in the area of painting in art workshop of Prof. Maciej Świeszewski and supplement in linocut in art workshop of Prof. Czesław Tumielewicz. Currently, Aleksandra is working in the Faculty of Graphic Art as the assistant in the linocut workshop of Prof. Janusz Akermann.

Ola often takes part in individual and collective exhibitions, as well as in different competitions. In her works she likes to use patterns from pop culture, referring to films, commercials, press photos; as well as comics, with their proper cropping method. A figure of a woman, painted on the border of hyperrealism, placed in colorful decorations, in conventionally treated interiors is frequently appearing in her paintings and graphics; women asleep, on the border between waking and sleeping, defenseless, and at the same time unpredictable.



2011 – Culture & National Inheritance Minister
2011, 2015 – Governor of Pomeranian region
2011, 2009, 2008 and 2006 – Town of Gdynia (scholarship for students with outstanding achievements)
2006 – until now – The Fine Arts Academy (scholarship for outstanding achievements)
2001 – Jolanta and Aleksander Kwaśniewscy’s „Communication without barriers” Foundation (Scholarship for Young Talents)



2015 – Grand Prix Fundacji im. Franciszki Eibisch competition.
2015 – the 2nd award in the XIII Konkursie Graficznym im. Józefa Gielniaka.
2014 – Winner of 5th National Marain Michalik’s competition with the award from the director of the Częstochowa City Gallery.
2012 – Distinction in the competition held by Franciszka Eibisch’s Foundation
2011 – the 2nd award in the “Student Graphic of the Year” at the Fine Arts Academy of Cracow
2010 – the 2nd award in the „Hestia Artistic Journey” competition
2010 – Distinction in the „Student Graphic of the Year” at the Fine Arts Academy of Gdańsk
2009 – the 3rd award in the 2nd L. Meidner’s National Graphics Competition
2008 – Winner of „Integralna 2008” competition with the award from the Rector of the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow
2008 – Accolade from the Mayor of City of Cracow
1999 – the 1st award in the „Gdynia 2000” competition in Gdynia



2016 – “Mountain”. Art Pavilion ERGO Hestia, Warsaw. Poland.
2015 – “Paintings”, Sierakowski’s Manor House, Sopot, Poland.
2015 – “Constellation”, City Gallery, Częstochowa, Poland.
2014 – „Main Course”, ZPAP Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland.
2013 – „Paintings and Prints”, AHAVA ART Studio, Gdynia, Poland.
2010 – „Paintings and Prints”, Od czasu do czasu Gallery, Gdynia, Poland.
2003 – „Fonseca” Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2002 – „Abakus” Gallery in the Old Town, Warsaw, Poland.
2001 – „Ratusz” Gallery in the Town Hall in Gdynia (opening of the gallery).



2018 – “9 International Printmaking Biennial Douro 2018”, Portugal.

2017 – “49 Contemporary Artists”. Fundacja EAF. Kantgarage. Kantsrasse 126/127.  Berlin. Germany.
2017 – “10 lat Wydziału Grafiki”. Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, Gdańsk. Poland.
2017 – “Ewolucja”. Dagma Art Gallery. Katowice. Poland.
2017 – „W ogrodzie. Wystawa polsko – czeska”. BWA, Kilelce. Poland.
2017 – “PIERWSZA GENERALNA”.  Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, Gdańsk. Poland.

2016 – „W ogrodzie. Wystawa polsko – czeska”. Galerie 9 w Pradze. Czech Republic.
2016 – „W ogrodzie. Wystawa polsko – czeska”. City Art Gallery, Częstochowa, Poland.
2016 – “Jurorzy”, Sztuka Wyboru. Gdańsk. Poland.
2016 – wystawa pokonkursowa XIII Konkursu Graficznego im. Józefa Gielniaka. Muzeum Tkactwa. Kamienna Góra. Poland.
2016 – „Przez Pryzmat. Odsłona 3.” Neon Gallery/Fine Art Academy im. Eugeniusza Gepperta. Wrocław. Poland.
2016 – XIII Konkurs Graficzny im. Józefa Gielniaka. Muzeum Karkonowskie. Jelenia Góra. Poland.

2015 – “Metafora i rzeczywistość”. Fine Art Academy. Gdańsk. Poland.
2015 – Pokonkursowa Fundacji im. Franciszki Eibisch. Katarzyna Napiórkowska Gallery. Warsaw. Poland.
2015 – OSTRALE’15, Dresden, Germany.
2015 – YOUNG PRINTMAKING, City Gallery, Wrocław, Poland.
2015 – YOUNG PRINTMAKING, Stalowa Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
2015 – exhibition ” Main Course ” during WOMAN IN ART event, Sfinks700, Sopot, Poland.
2015 – Post-outing exhibition, Janów Podlaski, Zaborek, Poland.
2015 – Through the Prism. Second Edition, presentation of the winners of the nationwide competition Hestia Artistic Journey 2002-2014, Arsenał City Gallery, Poznań, Poland.

2014 – “OUR PORTREITS”, Pieńków Gallery. Samogitia, Poland.
2014 – “40 years pomerian graphics”. Fine Arts Academy of Cracow, Poland.
2014 – “Large-EGOed PROVINCE”. Regional Museum, Głogówek. Poland.
2014 – “Jasiński&Friends III” AMARISTO Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
2014 – Gdańsk Art Biennial, City Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland.
2014 – “KATEDRA” Sulmin Gallery. Sulmino. Poland.
2014 – “DIONYSUS”. A Contemporary View on the Myth, City Art Gallery, Częstochowa, Poland.
2014 – “Mł”, Galeria Sztuki Hortar. Tarnów.
2014 – „Pomerian graphics of the year”, PUNKT Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland.
2014 – Exhibition following the Young Painters Competition for a Paintin, City Art Gallery, Częstochowa, Poland.
2014 – Through the Prism… Presentation of the winners of the Hestia Artistic Journey competition 2002-2013, TPSP Palace of Art in Krakow, Poland.
2014 – Leona Wyczółkowski post-competition exhibition, BWA City Gallery, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

2013 – Pryzmat Gallery “Diploma – the beginning of the way”, Cracow, Poland.
2013 – VII International Biennale of Painting & Tapestry, Gdynia. Poland.
2013 – Post-competition exhibition “Satyricon”, Museum of copper, Legnica, Poland.
2013 – Pomeranian Print of the Year 2012, GTPS Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland .
2013 – Linocut Fine Arts Laboratory of Gdańsk, Sierakowski’s Manor House, Sopot, Poland.

2012 – Students Printmaking exhibition in the HALL Gallery, Arts University, Poznań, Poland.
2012 –”DIALOG”, teachers’ exhibition of Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, Gdańsk. Poland.
2012 – Foundation Frances Eibish, Napiórkowska Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
2012 –”Graphic + graphic” teachers & students’ exhibition from the Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, Polish Philharmonic Hall in Gdańsk, Poland.
2012 – “Graphics and education. Polish Arts Academy” TPSP Arts Palace, Cracow, Poland.
2012 – Landscape paintings “10 Pieńków International Art Workshops 2011”, Fine Arts Academy, Gdańsk, Poland.

2011 –X Quadriennale Polish Linocuts”, Olsztyn. Poland.
2011 – The 10th Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art “Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg 2011”, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2011 – VI International Biennale Painting & Tapestry, Gdynia. Poland.
2011 – “10 Pieńków International Art Workshops 2011”, Pieńków Gallery, Samogitia, Poland.
2011 – “The figurative self-portrait” artists-educators Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of printmaking, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
2011 – “ 7 Print Biennial of Student-Poznań 2011”, Fine Arts Academy, Poznań, Poland.
2011 – “Student Graphic of the Year” at the Fine Arts Academy, Cracow, Poland.

2010 – „Debuts of the Year”, Baltic Art Gallery, Koszalin, Poland.
2010 – „Young Art”, State Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland.
2010 – „Hestia Artistic Journey” competition exhibition, State Art Gallery, Sopot.
2010 – The „Intro” club, Gdańsk, Poland.
2010 – Students’ exhibition, Science & Technology Park, Gdańsk. Poland.

2009 – „Sport in Graphics” – Sport & Exhibition Hall, Gdynia .
2009 – VI Biennale of Students’ Graphics, Poznań, Poland.
2009 – Exhibition of students of graphic art of the Fine Art Academy, Gdańsk.



2014 – Art Workshops in Zaborek, Janów Podlaski, Poland.
Since 2013 – Member of the association of Polish Artists andDesigners. District of Gdańsk.
Since 2013 – Member of the International Association of Polish Journalists, Writers and Artists ARENA, based in Sweden.
2011 – “10 Pieńków International Art Workshops 2011”.
2002 – Illustrations to the book „Kościerzyna Fairy Tales” by K. Wójcicki.
2000 – Illustrations to the book „Gdynia Fairy Tales” by K. Wójcicki.

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