Bakalarz Adam

Adam Bakalarz is famous Polish painter, sculptor and graphic artist. He was born in 1989 in Tychy, Poland. Adam graduated from the Faculty of Art of Pedagogical University of Cracow, where he defended his diploma under the supervision of dr. Stanislaw Cholewa in the gravure printing studio in 2016. According to the report „Polish Art Auction 2017“ from, Adam Bakalarz is one of the best-selling young Polish artists. His name is placed alongside as renowned artista as Sandra Arabska, Daniel Pawlowski, Wojciech Brewka, and Ada Plucha.



Relevant exhibitions:

2019 – “Art Now,” National Museum, Cracow, Poland

2018 – “Between Farb and Structure” (solo exhibition), Sopocki Auction House, Sopot, Poland

2018 – “Art Now,” Szolayski House, National Museum, Cracow, Poland

2017 – Art Boca Raton Contemporary Art Fair, Boca Raton, Florida

2017 – “Best Diplomas,” Telpod Factory, Cracow, Poland

2017 – “Motion,” Grüning Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2016 – Contemporary Art Fair, PULSE Hotel, Miami

2016 – CONTEXT Art Miami, Miami

2016 – TVN Foundation Ball, Warsaw

2016 – Solo exhibition, Abu Dhabi

2016 – “Art Connection,” Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2016 – Solo exhibition, PATH Solicitors, Warsaw, Poland

2016 – CONTEXT New York, New York (awarded the prize “Work of the Day”)

2016 – “Graphic Design of the Year,” Messier42 Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2016 – “Endorphin,” Grüning Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2015 – “Graphic Design of the Year,” Galerii Lamelli Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2015 – “Metaphors,” Museum of the History of Photography, Cracow, Poland

2014 – “” group show, Hortar Gallery, Tarnow, Poland

2014 – “Transformed,” Plus Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2013 – “Action Calling,” Academia Belle Arti, Macerata, Italy

2013 – Graphic design exhibition, MINI Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2013 – Graphic design exhibition, College of Art, Memphis, Tennessee


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